The Devil In a Tux. II (Fairy tale challenge)

“Then just be ugly.”
The twins whispered to each other, then started removing their clothes.

The naked pubescent girls tried to cover their hairy and wart covered treasures as the wolf smirked.
“Now kiss each other.”
The ugliest of the two’s hairy breast where on full display as she ‘kurpowwed’ the wolf in the snoot.
” I guess i am not wanted.” He retorted.
“This better work” and the hideous twins embraced.
The driver jumped off the carriage as it began to shake and glow.

The concierge had to clear his throat because he could not believe his eyes when he announced the twins.
The amazed prince fell before the twins and proposed.
The girls in all of their now Siamese beauty announced,” Dear Prince our three breast, two arms, two legs, two faces, and two wombs belong to you, We, or i mean i am yours.”

The rival belle was fit to be tied when the wolf whispered in her ear, with his roaming tail.
“I could make boy twins a fixer upper for you, Ooooowww, danged tail!!!”

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