Diabolically Villainous Challenge: Give Me the Night

Meyer rose from his coffin, his fangs retracting. The night was his time to shine. To walk the city streets with the late night party goers.
This night was especially poignant as a film festival was having it’s opening night gala. Meyer of course had his ticket.
He wouldn’t miss this night for all the world.
Meyer was thirsty, the unquenchable kind that would take more than one victim to satisfy him.
Meyer sat in the back row, the better to see whom he wished to dine on this evening.

He spotted them in the front row, a Eurasian guy with glasses, sitting with a younger male wearing a black fedora, like some 1940’s gangster.

When the movie was over Meyer followed the lovers. Of course they attended the festival gala. He planned to make their acquaintance there. He knew his natural charm would be all he needed to seduce this couple into accompanying him home.
Draining them of their lifeblood would be pleasurable as well as a necessity to his remaining youthful and alive.

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