Never Open The Door Too Soon

Stephen once advised: never open the door too soon. And I suppose he must be right; he is after all the king.

So, I sit here in this darkened room, knowing something of what lies beyond. The rest will eventually reveal itself to you and me, but only after I can figure out how to let it do so.

But, do I want to step through just yet? Is the time now, or should I wait—just to build the suspense some more?

It’s a tough call, but one that all in this profession must make. Sometimes we do it on our own. Other times, we seek the answer from those with just a slightly greater wisdom. After all, they’ve stepped through many times more than we. So, certainly, they must know just when to turn that knob and venture forth.

And then there are the times when we look to those who we have brought to life in this room and who we’ve kept waiting while we sit contemplating. They’ll let us know for sure if we’ve let them pass too soon. And if we have, they’ll promptly tell us to bring them back to wait for another time.

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