Esbin Gets Nervous

“Also, the eastern armies have moved up the coast northward and are attempting to fortify the western troops by crossing the fjord. It will take them two more days to reach the ring fortress. And no sign of Perceval fighting among the villagers.”

“Good. You are dismissed Messenger.” Esbin was trying to make sense of this news without looking confused. He couldn’t hold another memo in his brain!

“Esbin!” called the gruff voice of the Commander. Esbin jumped and maps slid to the floor.

“C-come in!” He cleared his throat as the burly, bearded viking ambled inside.

“Commander, I have news that…”
“Forget it!” interrupted the viking. “The dragon has been seen! It flies circles above an army wearing impenetrable armor, led by the rogue Knight Perceval!”
“They are marching on the fortress! And they grow in numbers through every village they cross!”
“Commander, we..”
“I know. They are tearing down camp as we speak. We move tonight! We’ll be coming up on their right flank from behind!”

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