Peripheral Evil Part 28 (The Order Unites Against The Chosen Ones)

The Mc Donalds colors of the Buddhist monks looked as out of place as did the lhama’s themselves in the audience hall at the vatican.
They were not the most conspicuos guests at the holy place, that title belonged to the purple turbined Sikhs, The shirtless aboriginals and the two Hopi Indian medicine men.
“The other members of the order have arrived your eminence.”
“What about that insufferable Templar?”
“Your holiness i really doubt they will come.”
A brown robe clad Jesuit entered and whispered in the cardinal’s ear. , before he replied to Pope Benedict,
“I stand corrected he is, inside the complex and he brought the symbiont of henryyyyyyy.”
He was interrupted by a smack to his face by the Papal hand of the Divine Disciple.”
“Henry was not a pure blood. I beg your forgiveness your Eminence, the symbiont of Sir Thomas Moore the father of the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth Tudor is what i should have said.”

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