Peripheral Evil Part 29 (A Million Magpies)

Sully’s mom looked at her precocious young son with the pride of a Bene Jesuit witch that had been schooled by Pope John Paul himself. She also held pride in the fact that she was of the pure blood line of the bastard cousin of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen Of Scots. This was the culmination of a span of pure breeding that had outlasted the written word of it’s ancestors, and she had total faith that Rosalyn would make them right; as a matter of fact she had bet their souls on it.

Sully was still trying to get his mind around the ‘twins concept’ when he asked Reverend Jenkins, “Sir if the magpies take the beloved of the Grail keeper and keepers have to resurrect them to claim the title of the grail, who resurrected Jesus?”
Kara finally shook free of her bonds and yelled, “You are a freakin moron, Thomas was the truth Yes-ah was the lie and Lazarus was Mary Magdalene’s brother, you idiot. How could a pure bred witch like Rosalyn choose you?”
The look on Sullies face was worth a million magpie.

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