Childhood Friends

“yeah, Cap’n, we’re sure it’s him.” The voice over the police radio said.
“Okay, Burton. I’m ten minutes out. Maintain security. I don’t wan’t Danny hurt. Out.”

Burton clicked off the mike and turned to a fellow officer. “Cap’n don’t want us to do anything. The fuckin’ guy killed two sheriffs deputies, and were suppose to do nuthin’”

A few minutes later the captain arrived. The captain and his driver climbed out his car. Mirrored sunglasses hid the captain’s eyes. “Anything?”

“No sir” Sgt Burton replied.

“Good. I’m going in there.”

“Sir, all due respect, but don’t you think this is a job for..”

“I grew up with Danny and went into the army with him. He’s not going to hurt me.” the Captain said, waving off a bullet proof vest. Then, without any more conversation, the capt. started out across the field. He walked to within 25ft of the old barn and called out “Danny!, it’s me, Donny.”

The capt didn’t hear the shot that killed him.

The End
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