There is a boy, lying on his bed.
This boy is trying not to feel dead.
But it isn’t working, just like last time.
The darkness takes him, as the temperature declines.

One small thing, and he completely breaks down
He hides in his music, never to be found
He looks for an end to this tunnel of hell
But he’s fallen down into an endless well

There are times where he finds a ledge
And he hangs on desperately to the small, weak edge
He cries for help as his friends walk by
But they cannot help him, no matter how hard they try

As the ledges grow fewer, he gropes for a hand
that will pull him up, and allow him to stand
In this dismal place, even, he finds a light
That guides him in the darkness of night

He asks his friends to do the same
So they do not fall into such terrible shame
The pain has turned him into something he’s not
But God still reminds him of the hope he’s got…

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