Strange Calming Effects

Mikki stared at the blank sheet of notebook paper, not bothering to reach for the pen or pencil or… anything. She just stared at it. Her father walked into the room.

“Writer’s block, honey?” he asked, looking at the blank paper.

“No, Daddy, not at all. I have found that staring at blank peices of notebook paper is strangely… relaxing.”

“Staring at— do what now? Michelle Renee, you’d better not be going crazy on me.” Mikki turned around and looked at him over her glasses. She couldn’t see him like that, but she figured it added dramatic effect.

“I’m doing this so I don’t go crazy on you, Dad.”

“Right… you sure you’re not going crazy?”

“No crazier than I already am,” she replied, turning back to the paper.

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