Death Distraught By an Angel

But before I could step down from my place, I was whisked across the river to an alley behind a seedy resturaunt. Crouching in the shadow of a dumpster was a small girl that would barely reach my waist, shivering violently, coughing terribly, but managing to weakly sing “Castle on a Cloud” to a bright pair of green eyes. The eyes belonged to a sleek black cat, which she stroked tenderly as she sang. It nearly broke my heart, she sang so sweetly. Then, shaking, she collapsed. The cat looked worriedly at her, then sniffed her. Looking to me, he gave me a gaze that cried, “Please don’t take her yet! We’re all we have left!”
I felt a tight pain in my chest. I had to do my job! No, I had to save this angel! Duty or plea? If I did as I was supposed to, I’d tear this family apart. If I saved this girl, I’d be denying my job. Oh, why this angel, why this cry, why this night?
Sighing, I assumed a human form with difficulty, tenderly lifted the girl, motioned to the cat to follow, and carried her down the street.

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