How are the INTERNETS gonna know what I'm up to? - Nerdcore

I go from Ficlets to Flickr to Twitter, quite fast, no, quicker.
They’re like Liquor, I go for too long without some and I quiver,
Get the shakes. And you can’t take ‘em away, you won’t make me.
I won’t flee. I need these sites now, you see.
But it bothers me, when they go down quite unexpectedly.
A defeat! Eep! I can’t get on Twitter to Tweet!
ZEIG HEIL ! The Fail Whale appear on the screen,
Mocking me. “Vweehehehee! Drink from the teat of defeat!”
Well that’s a downer. How are the INTERNETS gonna know what I’m up to?
I sit and twiddle my thumbs, “I hope their site comes back up soon.”
I can’t read anyone’s Tweets, and no one’s able to read mine.
I’m probably not the only one who’s having a little whine.
I think I’ll write a Ficlet and look at photos to pass the time.
I’m sure if I get creative then I’ll be just fine.
And I’m right… except the bloody pages won’t load.
And Flickr’s just as useless, as the server’s overflowed.
I go “Oh no!” and my cranium explodes,
And the lesson taught here is don’t smoke.

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