Death Calls on a Miracle

I took her to the back of an old spot I knew of, dragged out an old mattress, & set the girl down gently. I watched her ragged breathing, at a loss of what to do. The cat watched her every movement nervously.
Please oh please, he thought, pacing. The tightness I felt grew worse the longer I strayed. My job was to set souls free! But if she was set free, their family would be broken up, then what? My conscience wrestled with options.
Finally, I stood, taking a deep breath. I took on my usual form, to the cat’s dismay. What are you doing? it cried. I nodded to him, soundlessly climbed the rotting stairs, & pounded on the door. I had to call in an expert.
“Mira! Miracola, you here?” I called desperately. Under my breath I whispered, Please, the one time I need you…
After what seemed an eternity, a tall white figure unlatched the door & leaned elegantly in the doorway. She smiled. “Mia, mia, Jeff, what a surprise! To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“I need help,” I said, moving aside to show the girl.

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