Sarah yawned, stretched, and turned over in bed. It had been a strange evening. She’d been at a party, and had way too much to drink, and could already feel a hangover coming on. But that wasn’t all she felt. She was a bit too warm. The bedsheets felt strange against her skin, and something felt strange about her bottom. And something was weird about her ears…

Sarah shook her head and fumbled at the covers, rolling out of bed to hit the floor with a THUMP . She got blearily to her feet, eyes still screwed shut, and stumbled into the bathroom. She turned on the sink, ran water over her hands, and reached up to rub her eyes—and got a shock. Her hands, her face felt like they were covered in fur.

Then she trailed off as she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror—to discover that she was completely covered in thick golden fur from head to foot, with two feline ears poking up through her waist-length blonde hair and a long tail poking out from behind.

Sarah blinked. “That must have been some party.”

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