Chat-room predator [Diabolically Villainous Challenge]

He stares, Zen-like, at the scrolling lines of text in his chat client. Monitoring the flux and ebb of humour, sadness, tragedy and boredom. Waiting. Waiting for that special someone, with the qualities that he needs. The qualities that exist to feed his own dark compulsion.

At last, the wait is over! Sweet6teen11 from Oklahoma is asking her friends why Clive dumped her. She is obviously in pain, and he knows just how to exploit it. E-sidling up to her, pretending to be someone that cares, he connives and convinces her to start a blossoming online relationship.

They swap you-tubes and flickr’s, twitr constantly and eventually, after many hours of delicate and sometimes nervous negotiations, they are finally at that stage of their relationship where they can become more intimate.

She says that she is home alone, and that she loves him. Role-playing, she is Britney spears and he is Eminem. She compliments him, he compliments her, and then: “I put on my robe and wizard hat.” The poor girl is scarred for life.

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