The Results of the 'Perfect Moment Ruined' Challenge!

It has been really fun proposing this challenge, and it’s been an honor to see you guys participate in it.

I had the hardest time thinking about all the results, but there is no winning. I’m just going to mention the ones that got a very notable (meaning, made people give me weird looks) reactions.

So…here they are!

One that made me gasp = “What Did You Just Say?” by Ana Cristina.

One that made me smile like Wile E. Coyote = “Prince William, I Thank You!” by S. Lynn.

One that made me feel sorry for the poor bloke = “The Sound of Defeat” by John Perkins.

One that made think that this could really happen… = “The Top Story” by thebetweenspace.

And last, but not least :

One that made me pout and think of real life = “Midnight Confessional Interrupted” by User 9841.

Thank you all for entering, and it’s really been lovely to see what sprung up from this challenge!


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