“Hey Adam, it’s Lacey… You didn’t look so good after 7th period today.. I know what it’s like to have days like these, so just promise me you won’t do anything you’ll regret, alright?”

The truth was, when I was distracted, I could avoid my feelings most of the time. Whether it be talking to someone on the phone, or doing something with a friend or two, it seemed to ‘push the dirt under the rug’, so to speak…

“Ok… could you just talk to me for a little while? I don’t care what we talk about, I just need to.”

I could hear her sigh in relief, and laugh slightly.
“That’s fine with me, Adam, just fine…”
I smiled weakly, then she spoke again.
“Hey, Adam?”
“Did you write another depressing ficlet?”
“Um, no…”
I heard her ‘I know you’re lying’ sigh.
“Well, what’s this I’m reading?”
“I don’t know… what is it?”
“Adam… you know I worry about you when you write like this… and it’s more than just me, your other friends care, too…”

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