The gift and the question

After that day, Rob came to visit the orphanage every other day on his lunch breaks and on weekends. Laia seemed to like him alot, though I still was a bit unsure about him… I got over the initial feelings of mistrust for him, and began to enjoy his presence almost as much as Laia.

“Look what he got me yesterday!”
She held a red ribbon up to my face so I could clearly see it.
“It’s pretty.” I said, “Why don’t you put it in your hair?”
“Well, I don’t wanna mess it up!”
I furrowed my brow, confused.
“Isn’t a ribbon supposed to make your hair look better?”
“Well yea, but…”
Her eyes shifted from left to right, as if looking for an answer.
“Oh, nevermind, I’ll wear it tomorrow, k?”
I shrugged.
I thought about arguing with her, but let it go. Then, another thought crossed my mind.
“Yes, Tommy boy?”
“I said not to call me that!”
She giggled.
“Sorry, I won’t do it again… conitnue.”
I sighed.
“Do you think Rob wants to adopt you?”
She froze where she was and caught my eyes.

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