This Side of the Hudson: Do Your Research

In Auburn Courthouse:

“How does defense plead?”
“Not guilty. Joseph Libbin and his accomplice John Johnson were merely taking back what was Libbin’s.” Of course, the prosecutor sprang to his feet at once.
“Objection! Libbin is a dirty thief with no more sense than a…!” He controlled himself. “Your Honor, he dragged an item from my client’s private home, and made off with it like it was his own!”
“Which, technically, it was,” Sam replied calmly. “Forgive me, but I don’t think you’ve done your research, Mr Hodgson.” Said Mr Hodgson was growing red with fury of being corrected. He hadn’t lost a case, I later found out, in all the 25 years he had been in law. Almost every time, not surprisingly, he had been on the prosocution.
Sam continued. “Your Honor, I believe it is nessesary to go into family details regarding my client, Joseph Libbin, and Mr Hodgson’s client, Tom Thompson.” She motioned to a scrawny man with inset eyes. I glared at him.
The judge thought a moment. “Go ahead Ms Latimer.”

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