A Fellow Writer

After a long, tiring day of packing and then unpacking I was very excited to come home and sit on my bed to check my Ficlets after 3 days away.

I logged onto my account and checked my new comments and notes. Once finished replying and such I noticed a new ficlet from one of my favorite authors on the site, Bartimaeus. I double clicked hurridly and read… then re-read. I wasn’t sure if the story was true or not but I knew he must have been feeling down to write such a story.

This was really nicely written and everything… but are you okay? This was deep and felt like it came from your heart… if so… just be careful? It’d be terrible if I couldn’t read another of your stories! ;-D

I hit ‘post comment’ and sat back in my chair. I hope he’s alright… I found myself thinking. Am I crazy? I don’t even know him… But yet… he’s a writer and so am I. If he’s hurting maybe… just maybe I can help with only my words and thoughts. I smiled as I hit ‘home’ to go back to other stories.

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