A few seconds of relief

I sat in my chair, my head burried in my hands. I heard myself whimpering, and felt myself holding back tears.
I turned up my music to block out the sound of my own sobbing, and the background noise-level of the music suddenly flowed into my ears with meaning…

Pain, without love… Pain, I can’t get enough… Pain, I like it rough cuz I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all…

These words seemed to fill my heart’s blackness, express feelings i wanted to rip out of my chest… My writing reflected this quite well, and it satisfied me. Writing about my feelings didn’t always help per say, but it allowed me a clean alternative from something worse… I clicked on my story again, and found a comment at the bottom when I’d finished.

Band Baby… I remember her, she’s always been sweet…

I smiled at the comment, and forgot about the words of my writing and the lyrics of my music for a few seconds.
“Thank you…” I whispered softly, then began typing her a note.

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