...take you down to the other side…

The dub-step thundering out of the speakers as he threw the shifter up into third was having more than a little of the desired effect on his driving. Even under normal circumstances, when his stress was low or at least under control he did not play that CD in the car, but tonight was different.

He had been at home, just relaxing, watching a couple of the shows he had bought on DVD ; spending time just with himself. When the phone rang he assumed it would be one of his mates wanting to whine about Chelsea (again), or his sister looking for tech support. He did not even look at the display, just thumbed the green phone button and put it to his ear;

‘Hey, Jed here…”

“I need your help. I would not have called, but I can’t call anyone else.”

He could hear the fear in her voice; the timbre of utter despair edging its way in to make itself known as well.

“What’s happened?”

“I can’t… Not on the phone. Just come to Paul’s and bring some cash, please? A Ton, yeah?”

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