Strange Normalities: Reaction

At first there was nothing. I dared to peek over my shoulder and saw a girl with near-white blonde hair raise her hand with a dark expression on her face.
“Sir? Frankly, I don’t see what’s wrong.” A ripple ran through the class, sounding of sputtering flame. “You told us to observe and make our own conclusions. If I heard right, Julie did just that.”
The instructor was obviously not pleased.
“I expected better of you, Miss Wing! In fact, I expected better of all of you! Julie’s conclusions are wrong, all wrong! Conclude from what’s given to you, not from inferences you make! Dan! Take her to the office!”
Dan jumped at his name, stood up and approached me. He waited for me to rise, then took my upper arm, and lead me out of the classroom, whispered critisism following us.

I looked to Dan, to see if I could detect any foreshadowing of my fate. But all I could see on his face was nerves. I gulped quietly.

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