Strange Normalities: Muddy Escape

Dan led me down the bleak hallway, steering me by my shoulder. Surprisingly, we didn’t take the route for the front of the school. We went towards the back of the building. He kept looking around nervously. What’s eaten him? He lead us to a back door, punched in a number code, and held the door open.
I couldn’t believe it. What was he thinking? Doesn’t he know what could happen because of this? I stared at him for a minute. He motioned me out. “You should get out of here.”
I smiled. “Not unless you come with me.”
Before Dan had a chance to protest, I dragged him out the door and down the street. He ditched a sash he was wearing and followed. “Where are we going?”
“My house, silly. No place safer.” I suddenly turned down an alley and began weaving in and out of various side streets. Dan had issues keeping up.
When we reached the outskirts of town, I began rolling down the slightly-muddy hill to my front door. Dan, in his crisp white, stared at me, petrified. I grinned and smeared more mud on my head.

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