Let Me See Your Face

Let me see your face
Let the light reflected along the planes of your body
Travel the uncharted distance to my eyes
To pierce my heart and illuminate my soul

Let your thoughts refract through a prism
Multiplying your heart but never dividing your essence.
Let the red light of your passion bring me strength,
While yellow sunlight breathes hope and
Your cool green digs deep and drives me to growth.
Let your blue calm wash over me, unexpected peace,
And teach my spirit purple laughter.

Let us speak through the luminous moments
That have touched you and carelessly spill your image
For anyone to gather.

If the same light that carries your face to me
Also bears the reflection in my eyes to you
Does that mean that the waves of light
Stirring the hope of your smile and the longing in my eyes,
Are mingling and merging?

If the liminality of this moment is everything and nothing,
Then I rejoice. We have danced in the light.

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