Lacey and The Playground

I sat patiently on a bench in the park, my music keeping me company until Lacey arrived. She was 16, and acquired her liscence a few months back, so she could drive herself. The sun had just begun to touch the top of the trees.

Ahh, my favorite time of day…

The sun wasn’t too bright, nor too dim. It was just right, casting deep orange light across the sandy floor of the playground. The top of the medeival-themed playtower was bathed in the sun’s crimson light, making it appear to be a glorious fortress. I imagined archers at the top, shooting at swordsmen down below to defend their king’s mighty castle. It just so happened that the images in my head were in sync with the music in my ears, as Viva La Vida was playing.

Just then, I spotted a white Honda Civic pull up to the playground. I smiled, knowing it was Lacey. She jumped out of the car quickly, and fast-walked over to where I was sitting.
“Hey, you alright?”
I smiled slightly.
“Yea, here, sit down.”

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