Mending a Broken Heart

How do you mend a broken heart?

With duct tape?
Perhaps some super glue?

Shall I put it in a cast and wait for it for to heal, and hope against all odds that it grows right again?

If I can somehow piece back together all the shattered parts of my heart, it’ll just be a jigsaw puzzle: the picture’s complete, but you can still see the line of every hardship ever bestowed upon it.

You can break a vase and still be able to put it back together again, but there’ll be pieces missing, and broken cracks etched into it like never ending branches, like a road map retelling every story of the millions of various sized scars reminding me of every blow.

I can sew myself together again with everything ounce of strength I have within me, but I will never be truly whole ever again.

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