The Gun fighter 3

“I think we wrote a few things on fences when we were kids” Cookie said.

Mark mumbled under his breath as he ate his breakfast.

“But that ain’t the worst of it” Cookie continued. Officer Cody said we got drugs here in town now.”

“That’s a gawd damn scurge on this fine country.” Mark said as he slid out of the booth. He hitched up his guns and dropped a Susan B. on the table top. “Damn dollar ain’t what it use to be neither.
“You have a fine day Cookie. I’m gonna make my rounds.”

The sun was a little higher now, but Mark was on the shady side of the street. He stood in the shade and shook out a cigarette, running his tongue the length of the cigarette as if it were a roll-ur-own. Only a few folks were out this early, but he could hear loud-ass music coming from a car radio that pulled to the curb behind him. He stood looking at the two men in the car, then walked toward it.
“Hey! how about turning down that noise, there’s people still sleepin’”

“Jason, look what we got here”

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