Monkey Versus Robot, Part 1

They say monkeys have no memories. They are wrong.

Monkey remembered the sound his mother made as the robot drug her off into the jungle 8 years ago. Her eyes pleaded with him to run, while expressing the fear of the pain that was to come. She knew her fur would soon be ripped from her hide. The Monkey never forgot that sound, never forgot that look.

He used that look to become stronger and faster than any other monkey. He had that look in his mind when he destroyed BoBo, breaking his skull open with a rock to become the leader of their tribe. The look inspired him to swing further in search of the infernal machine that haunted his dreams.

And at last, he had found the machine alone and unmoving in the jungle. None of The Monkey’s tribe had been strong enough to follow. It was he alone that would fight. He alone that would destroy.

He was strong, broad chested and fast. He could kill the machine.

His battle cry was long and shrill. The robot stirred. The Monkey’s life had built to this moment.

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