Monkey Versus Robot, Part 3

After 10 minute of battle, both The Monkey and The Robot were facing defeat.

The Monkey’s left paw was smashed and unusable, making escape through vines impossible. His left leg gushed blood from a perfectly circular wound in his lower thigh. His left cheek featured a bruise with an alarming radius, but he felt strong and capable.

The Robot was equally damaged, his right arm gone as The Monkey had ripped it off and beaten him with it. The Robot had not anticipated that The Monkey would use weapons, and had been ill prepared. Still, he had landed some crushing blows to The Monkey, and his power level remained high.

As the two rushed at each other again, The Monkey bellowing, The Robot silent, a strange but unmistakable sound in the underbrush struck fear into the hearts of the two warriors. They looked skyward, as if willing the battle to go a different way.

But neither warrior, no matter how skilled or bent on revenge or thirsty for blood or oil, was any match for the giant right foot of Godzilla.

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