Front Porch Conversations--Nine

“Hello there.”


“So you’re back.”

“I guess…”

“Is this the point where ‘never’ ends?”

“I guess…”

“And you don’t really think I’m oppressive, do you?”

“No, not really…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I forgive you.”

”...Don’t you have something else to say?”

“Umm…no, I don’t think so…”

“Like, oh I don’t know, ‘I’M SORRY TOO ’?”

“What do I have to be sorry for?”

“You know very well what you should be sorry for!”

“I have nothing to be sorry—YEOW!! What in the name of Mike’s pants was THAT for?!?”

“M’kay, I forgive you now.”

“What, you slugging me in the side of the face is equivalent to my apology?!?”


”...Fair enough. Good to have you back, buddy.”

“Good to be back. Hey, look at that bird!”


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