Even so, when she had paused to study her surroundings. She really couldn’t see that far around her at any given time as the forest pressed in on all sides. At times, she would come to a more open area where she could get a greater sense of her surroundings. At the moment the surrounding noises had subsided to a dull roar. What little sky light trickled through to her level was supplemented by the eerie iridescent of some of the varieties of vines and moss that flourished. It occurred to her that the animal life must have evolved adaptive senses to deal with the low light levels. Even with her light enhancing goggles, she felt at a disadvantage. The forest floor in this area was somewhat even, with jagged outcroppings only sporadically presenting a problem. The problems came from the uneven footing provided by the low lying shrubbery that called the forest floor home not to mention the decaying forest debris.

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