And so it begins...

I launched myself at the nearest zombie and began the old hack ‘n slash. My blades were soon covered in muck, the brackish, blackened ooze that I suppose passed for blood in one of these things. It was pretty gross. But I didn’t have time for such thoughts.

Liam and I began our dance, spinning and pirouetting around each other, keeping most of the zombies at bay by either blowing a hole through them or severing their heads. We fought well together, Liam and I. As if we could anticipate each others moves and react accordingly.

Simone hissed as she tore into any zombie that approached her. She stalked the perimeter of our circle and quickly dispatched the slower, dim-witted enemies by ripping off their heads.

Mom sent out bursts of energy that blasted zombies back, which bought us time to reload and wipe the muck from the blades before the onslaught continued.

My father tried to protect Mom. He could not use his power. If he did Liam would freeze and our dance would be interrupted.

The battle continued.

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