Thinking in the Morning

The next morning, I woke up around ten. I could hear my mother yelling orders to my brother and sister downstairs, and I covered my ears with my pillow.

Ugh, another day stuck in this house…

My shoulders sank at the thought, but my mind continued to wander.

Poor Band Baby… she has summer school…

Then it hit me that I wouldn’t be able to talk to her pretty much all day. My shoulders sank further, but at the same time my chest filled with butterflies at the thought of talking to her again.
I re-played our last conversation in my head as I got up to get in the shower. I began singing soft music as the hot water caressed me. I started to think again when I felt a shy smile creeping across my face.

This is a pleasant change… especially after what happened at the end of the school year.. what a great way to start the summer! Oh my gosh… I just can’t wait until she gets back today!

I decided to stay in the warm shower a little longer, and continue to think about her...

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