Love is Color Blind ?

The soldiers hated to interrupt Perceval but it was important. A Large Black soldier With dark curly hair who looked as out of place as the dragon in the apple orchard approached Perceval and kneeled.
“Lord we have located the man you were looking for, we have fifty dragoons and the horses are fresh we are prepared to ride.”
“Fetch him my brother.”
“Thank you sir.”
The large moor mounted his horse and the Calvary road out.

“What manner of man was he?”
“That was my brother young lord.”
“But he was….dark.”
“Love knows no colors Kira, His mother was the black queen of Zam Zam, and his father was my father that means his blood is my blood. Is it any different than your black Dane Hair and the Preddy red hair of your wee lass.”
“Her hair is Yellow are you blind.”
“No young lord, just wanted to see if she was your wee lass.”
Kira turned as red as Katra’s hair wasn’t, and the Good Knight’s laughter filled the quiet calm before battle.
“Young lord let’s just hope they really rescue Olgoth.”

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