Like a Woman Scorned.

“Sweet Mardy” Perceval began, “I did not want to say this because i have the utmost respect and love for you and your angelic kind.”
“Skip to the point Buddy.”
“Well some of my ancestors, not that i am anything like them but.”
“Skip to the end my hate still burns.” Marty said through clenched teeth.
“Well one of mine and Kira’s ancestors.” the knight said without one hair betraying the fear a man feels when confronted with a female filled with rage,”Was the famous Hero Beowulf who slayed a dragon and made this armor from its scales .”
The last part of the sentence he said quickly while diving behind Kira.
She clenched her talons and flew off in rage, because she had heard of the white dragon that had been slain. The white dragon who had laid the egg that she hatched from. Her real Nana, her mother, whose body was being worn like a trophy by the man she had already tried to kill once today.
She thought to herself, “This day ain’t over yet.”

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