Karen made it.

Ken ducked and darted, stopped and zigzaged, all the while expecting another shot. He stopped and listened – nothing – only the sounds of the forest. Karen was growing heavy, her head pounded against his shoulder as he continued to circumnavigate the parking area.

Finally they reached the edge of the forest. His eyes combed the area looking for anything out of the norm. He fished the car keys from his pants and ran to the car. The remote unlocked the doors before he got there. Settling karen in the back seat, he leaped behind the wheel and tore out of the lot.

Three hours later the doctor emerged from the swinging doors to give Ken the good news. Karen was going to make it. Ken gasped, he hadn’t realized he’d been holding his breath. He thanked the doctor profoundly, then the doctor notified him that the police had been called as was the case with all gunshot wounds.

Ken thanked him again, then headed for the elevator. Inside the elevator he press 3, the next floor up.

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