Hungry for sex

I entered the elevator going down to the second floor. Two well dressed men were in conversation as the door shushed closed.

“I know, you told me not too.” David said, running his hand thru his wavy red hair. “But I couldn’t help myself. They’re all so hungry for sex.”

“I dig that, David, but four women in the same building? Man you are just asking for trouble.”

“Weeeel! Trouble wrestled me down last night. Shelly and I got on the elevator, and wouldn’t you know the next stop there was Amy. They eyed each other, but didn’t say anything. I prayed the elevator would drop.”

“Hell, David, it could have been worse.”

“Oh, it gets worse. A stop later and who pops in, but Donna.”

“Donna with the big…?”

“Yeah, that one. She didn’t know the other two, so the first thing she does is pinch my ass, and tells me that was for not calling her.”


“Then the climax. Only two stops to go and who gets on?

At this point I got off the elevator. Damn!

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