Strange Normalities: Dreams Realized

I jolted awake. I dreamed that someone was dragging Dan away, saying they were coming for me next. I sprang out of bed, hung myself upside down from the balcony guard rail to look into Dan’s room. He sat bolt upright, eyes wide and body petrified with fear. He pointed a white finger at the front door. Someone was banging on it, shaking the little blue panes in the window.
I swung back up into my room, slipped out of my pajamas into a white shirt & jeans, then slid down the spiral banister and ran to the periscope. I could make out three shadowy, burly figures. To my horror, I didn’t recognise any of them. I cautiously climbed the stairs. Dan, in his returned-white uniform, wasn’t too far behind.
Cautiously, I opened the door.
“Is this the Jang residence?” the first man, in white, asked harshly. I nodded hesitantly. “Are you Julie?” he barked. I nodded again. He turned to the two oafs behind him, in black, and nodded. “Arrest her.”

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