Strange Normalities: One Condition Throws the Switch

Aghast, I looked to Dan. He looked as surprised as I, but had a look in his eye that hinted, “I tried to tell you.”
I turned back to the man in white, smiling wryly. “Tell you what,” I began, “I’ll come ‘quietly’ under one condition.” He raised an eyebrow. “You give me three minutes to collect some things that cannot, under any circumstances, be confiscated.” He started to say no, but I stopped him. “If you don’t, I raise all hell against any of you.” Slightly surprised, he considered, sized me up, and nodded.
Flitting around, I discreetly flipped a switch by the sink. Then I grabbed a box of items my parents told me to grab should I be arrested. I also snagged a bag of my essential stuff. All of this accomplished in one minute flat.
A minute and a half later, the two big guys in black dragged me by the arms to an awaiting van while the one in white was congratulating a thoroughly confused Dan. “We’ll collect evidence later,” he was saying.
I grinned. “What evidence?” I asked innocently.


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