A Deadly Phonecall

I spent so much time thinking about her that I almost forgot about my depression. It seemed as though the clouds had lifted, and the sun that was her face shone brightly on my heart. It stayed like that for a while, until one day I got a phonecall…


The phone rang loudly, penetrating my earbuds as I was writing yet another ficlet.
Wow… i think that’s my seventh today…
I picked up the phone and paused my music.

“Umm, hey Tyler, it’s Candi…”
Her sad tone weakened my smile just a tad.
“Hey, Candi, what’s up?”
She sighed heavily, and from what I could tell she was supressing tears.
“It… It’s about Kat…”
I frowned.
“What about her?”
“Well… I was talking to her… and I kinda… found out the real reason she broke up with you…”
My smile faded completely, and I could feel anger in my eyes. It’s a good thing she can’t see me…
I managed only two words through my clenched teeth.
“Tell me…”

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