War Criminal

“Is that really him?”

Looking through the peep hole into the small bare cell Jacob could not believe that he was finally in custody.

“Yeah, Jacob, it’s him. We took so long to find him and now that he’s here I can’t believe it myself.”

“I’ve heard the stories, but I’ve always assumed that he would, you know, look evil. He just looks like someone’s old dad; tired and infirm. Are we really sure?”

Werner just nodded, and then shook his head.

On the other side of the door Eli turned his face away from the door and smiled to himself. Did they not realise that he could hear them through the peephole; after all it was just a hole in the door. Already he was starting to see how he might at least cheat the death penalty if he played his hand properly.

His thoughts turned back to the killing times; the days when he had been empowered and encouraged to give full reign to his pleasure in dealing death. His smile widened. He knew that no one would ever understand the pleasure he took in it; it did not matter now.

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