For both him and I

It was a daisy bright day. Brad felt cheated. It should be as gray as the desent into hell. He looked at the slip of paper in his hand – Gate 3. As he began crossing the baking hot parking lot, a voice called his name. He shaded his eyes and searched for the owner of the voice.

“Here, Brad.” she called.

“Sandy? is it really you?” Brad said walking toward her.

They clung to one another, their minds fused with love, sadness, grief, and the joy of holding each other.

“I couldn’t let you do this alone, Brad” she said, her voice muffled against his chest. “Your mom told me you were here. Why are you doing this?”

“I have to, Sandy, a little bit for me and a big chunk for Sean” Brad said, as they made their way to gate 3.

A bald man stepped from the shade of the stands. “You Brad, Sean’s brother?”

“Yes sir.”

“You’re gonna have to hustle. Here’s your helmet. Your brothers car is number 401, red and green. You ready for this” he asked

“I hope so, sir”

Sandy kissed him, tears in her eyes.

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