LoA ,2075 or beyond challenge, winner

O.k. as a non LoA member,unbiased non-entered third party and sometimes conspirator of Monsieur Rabble Rouser, I have been charged with fairly judging the awesome entries of the awesomers themselves and declaring one of you as the awesomest … It was a very tough decision and i gotta say that not a single entry sucked(incredible when you think about it , i mean statistically at least one or two should have been not good or just ok but really they were all at the least 4 star pieces. As for the winner , can I get a drumroll?And the cookie goes to Krulltar! Thank you, thank you Krulltar couldn’t be here tonight because this is an imaginary awards ceremony but I’m sure he’s quite thrilled.Also I’d like to mention stovohobo’s ‘let walmart diesI’m paraphrasing on that ) and also invisibility_disability’s contribution(superpowers gained _also paraphrasing) as close runners up. Also everybody was awesome and just cuz we’ve judged don’t not do more of these – their very nature is awesomeness!!!!

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