Need to Spill!

I logged on that day and was bombarded with IM’s from Bartimaues while I was offline.

ColdPlayFan08: oh thank God!
perfectkiss16: well hello to u to… u ok?
ColdPlayFan08: no… my best friend just called and told me all about why my ex broke up with me… everything we had had together was all a lie… i thought i was over it, but hearing her words re-opened my wound…
perfectkiss16: =’( that sucks… well im here to listen if u wanna talk…

So I listened as he told me all about Kat, his ex, and the lies she told him. I interjected here and there but mainly I just let him get it all out. Soon he asked me:

ColdPlayFan08: am i boring u? ill stop…
perfectkiss16: no no no! im enjoying it i swear. i was just letting u get it all off ur chest ya know?
ColdPlayFan08: :) can i tell u somethin?
perfectkiss16: of course!
ColdPayFan08: u r too sweet.

For the life of me I could not stop blushing. That was the sweetest thing anyone had said to me in a long time!

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