Strange Normalities: Leiz & Bravery

The man in white was in shock. Dan looked at me, partially in disbelief, partially in awe. My captors were too stupid to notice. Typical.
“Must’ve left the stove on,” I mused, a cheeky grin playing with my mouth. The man shot me a dagger glare, unlocking the van.


We arrived at a starkly square facility, met by a one-man welcoming committee. I didn’t get out much at that time, but I did know it was Dr. Franz Leiz, one of the masterminds behind the “Normality Movement” (the Weirdo Movement’s more like it, I often thought to myself). He gave me a visual once-over, nodded in a satisfied manner, then ordered my dodo-brained captors to take me to “Vi” for observation. Obediently they dragged me to a nearby lift.
Craning my neck, I caught a glimpse of Dan bravely tapping Dr. Leiz’s shoulder.
“Sir, I want to talk to you.”
Before I could hear more, the lift doors slid closed in front of me.

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