Strange Normalities: Dan's POV: Negotiation Device

“What are we going to do to her sir?” I asked urgently. Dr. Leiz chuckled.
“My dear boy, we just have to wait for Vi’s verdict.” He snickered at his poor alliteration. I tried not to roll my eyes. He continued in a serious tone. “But I’m hoping for the worst. She’s an eccentric one, if she’s anything like her fool parents. I’ve been trying to oust her folks since Movement Institution. But she may be a good- negotiation device.” He smiled darkly. That expression never meant anything good. I started to panic.
“Sir, please! Just confine her, I swear she’s not dangerous!”
Dr. Leiz merely gave me a spitefully gleeful look.
“She just wants you to believe that, my dear Daniel. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pull out her charts.” He turned on heel and walked briskly down the hall, leaving me to wallow in grim fantasies of Julie’s future.
I shuddered in fear, nerves, and some other emotion that I never had the pleasure of having wash over me. It almost calmed me.


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