Strange Normalities: Fallen Diva & Treating "It"

Vi turned out to be a great steamroller of a woman, reminding me of an opera diva long fallen off her pedestal. She gave me a series of choices to “choose in an honest manner.” Easy enough, I figured.
But twenty minutes later, she was shrieking high soprano in frustration. “I cahn’t believe it! Ees a trragedy! What is our youte coming to?”
“What did I do?” I asked, utterly confused.
“Evereyting wrong! I told you to answer honestly!”
“I did! I prefer blue to white, reading stories to memos, writing fiction to dictations…”
Crying out in desperation, she struck me across the face, knocking me to the floor. “Get me Leiz! Now!” she belted through a nearby intercom.
Dr. Leiz appeared in 30 seconds. “Ees a disaster!” Vi wailed at his feet. “Vorst dan I feared, never seen anyting like it!”
“I have a name, you know!” I spat. The doctor came to me, chuckling darkly.
“Rest assured Vi, I will take care of it” he sneered. I stared back defiantly. “I’ll do further diagnostics to determine- treatment.”

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