Of Spies and Shadows

Janine felt stretched.

Physically, she remained where she had been – sitting in front of her office building. The squirrel who had absconded with the remains of her lunch chittered at a stray leaf. A pair of workers from human resources exited the building talking loudly about grabbing a bite at T.G.I.Friday’s. Someone on a motorcycle revved the engine unnecesarily at a stoplight around the corner.

But mentally, she was soaring through the air. Twisting and turning on updrafts and crossbreezes. Flittering among branches. Then she was inside, darting from corner to corner. Slipping up a stairwell. Sliding under a doorway.

She was standing in her boss’s office. He was there, on the phone. No, it was impossible, she was sitting outside. Yet there was no questioning the scene before her eyes, despite the fact that it seemed as if she was peering through a dense fog.

“They better work harder,” he was saying. “The last thing I need is a review of this department. Someone would notice the discrepancies.”

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