A small spark

“Grandpa, why do we have fire?” Grandpa furrowed his brow, and I knew he was thinking hard. After a pause, he said “well, Aaron, fire tells people when to back down. Everyone has to have something that tells them when to stop, like a stopsign, but this type of sign tells them that there’s always something stronger than them; like a gazelle owns the grass, but the lion will own the gazelle.” I threw a rock into the surrounding forest, and a startled wren took to the evening sky. “But we have fire hydrants to stop fire.” Grandpa pondered my statement again. “Well, and sometimes gazelles get away from lions, but take example the fires down in California. They sure did give man a taste of his own medicine.” “But how can we stop fires from giving medicine, Grandpa?” He chuckled. “Well, we can start off by just saying no to it. Be safer. We can talk to others, tell them to be responsible. Spread the word by voice, If one tells one to stop, and then another. After all, it takes only a small spark to start a fire.”

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