Long ago a cowboy hid a special sword somewhere safe. Now one might ask wouldn’t it be more likely for a cowboy to consider a gun worth something and a sword worthless? When speaking of most of the American west that thought would have been true. However, this cowboy knew a few secrets about the word, the world and the sword and he trusted no one else with any of the the three.

Now one might also think that the story of that cowboy would be one worth telling. A thought that is not far off the mark. The adventures that man had could fill volumes. To hear it told, that cowboy entered this world saving his momma and faded off into the sunset with his boots, hat, and horse still saving those that needed saving.

One might also think that the story of that sword would be one worth telling. Just the story of how the cowboy and the sword met would have you splitting your sides. But the real story to tell is the one that begins the day that hid sword was found again. Now that is a story that needs telling.

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